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Kern and Partners

Why We Do What We Do

Our approach to helping our clients create high-performing teams and leaders is based on a set of beliefs based on our decades of organizational research, industry-proven implementations and the experience of our team.

It is our goal in sharing our "Whys",beliefs and philosophies with you, it will quickly help you determine if Kern & Partners is the right consultancy for your situation and team performance and behavior change goals

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Why We Focus On the Alignment between Culture, Behaviors, Strengths, Role Clarity.

The simple answer is that aligned companies outperform their peers. 

  • Companies with high levels of alignment experienced a 6.9% increase in their stock price over a two-year period. (HBR)

  • Highly aligned cultures had 72% higher employee retention rates compared to companies with low levels of alignment (Deloitte)

  • Strong alignment companies were more likely to achieve top-quartile EBITDA margins, revenue growth, and return on equity. (McKinsey & Company)

Why We Use the 10/20/70 Module by Module Learning Journey Approach to Team Development

Because: it is the most researched and proven method for adult learning and behavior change.


That’s why we only provide research-based, industry-proven, experiential human system development programs. Every program we deliver combines conceptual education and classroom practice with on-the-job application, supported by consistent coaching for all team members.

 the 10/20/70 model is a holistic approach to learning, which includes a combination of formal training, social learning, and on-the-job experience. Educational research has confirmed that adult learning is most effective when the concepts are able to be integrated into everyday work activities and supported by consistent practice and coaching.

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Why we use the
Development Method

It takes time for adult learners to absorb and apply concepts from one module to the next.


That’s why we have developed our learning journey to have 1:1 coaching time between modules.


Further, each module, within a journey, builds on the concepts of the prior module to expand the knowledge and skill set of the learners.

Why We Incorporate The Appreciative Inquiry Methodology Into Our Learning Journeys?

The Appreciative Inquiry (AI) Model is proven over the past 30 years to facilitate, design, and support dramatic positive organizational improvement change initiatives.


As certified experts in the Appreciate Inquiry Method, we are able to create real-time, directly business-relevant transformational Summits.

Appreciative Inquiry Summits are proven to increase trust, communication, engagement, respect, and passion within teams for what teams can accomplish in the future. Together.

Research shows a significant positive relationship evolves when people participate in the AI process to achieve improvement of the organization's outcomes.

Participation fosters the liberation to create, innovate and drive excellence. Participants gain new levels of confidence and feel safe to engage in the co-creation of the change because they feel Freedom to:

  • be positive

  • act

  • be heard

  • contribute

  • conceptualize

  • excel in partnership with others

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