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Elevate Employee Engagment
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Strength-Centric Coaching to Elevate Employee Engagement

This development program will transform managers into incredible coaches and change their team members' engagement levels and behaviors.

Program Description

After layoffs, an acquisition, merger, or restructuring, this multi-phase learning journey supports leaders and the “new” teams through the reforming, morning, and storming stages all team goes through.


This learning journey uses a unique combination of Wiley’s 5 Behaviors of a Cohesive team to deliver the foundational behaviors of elite teams. Then applies the 4D process of Case Western University, Appreciative Inquiry Model, to unlock and unleash the genius within the new organization, department, and team members for a more innovative, culturally aligned, and employee-valued organizational system.

Starting with the five behaviors of cohesive teams as the foundational best practice program. Then Using the Hands On Appreciative Inquiry process not just to practice the concepts but to work together, across the silos, on new solutions, innovations, processes, and cultural changes centered around one of the most important business objectives set by senior leadership.


To capitalize on the change, the Appreciative Inquiry model, addresses the fears, resistance, and negative productivity impacts of change, by the mindset, belief system, and paradigm of an organization, department, or team.


The model process facilitates the enabling, transformation, and inspiration of an organization or department to unlock the genius within. To have a platform and framework within a workshop, that enables the reimagining of their new future or the solving of significant challenges, together.


The starting principle for any appreciative inquiry change program starts by creating safety for communication and ideation from direct, specific, honest appreciation between team members. This safety or what Patrick Lencioni with the 5 behavior models calls vulnerability-based trust, is the cornerstone to peak performance for all teams.


  • Senior leaders

  • VP and Middle Management

  • Cross-silo Team members based on mission

  • External stakeholders such as external or internal customers


  • Wiley’s 5 Behaviors of Cohesive Teams Assessment and Content Delivery

  • Appreciative Inquiry Model 4D cycle applied to the unique needs and mission of the organization, department, or team

Program Outcomes

Creation or confirmation of cultural values, business or department mission and purpose

  • Increase trust

  • Increased employee engagement from being heard and valued during A.I. Workshop

  • Generation of important innovations, process improvements or change iniatitives for the organization

  • Design of prototypes of proposed improvements

  • Specific action plans with dates and team member accountability.

Link to cultural transformation from team integrations case studies goes here

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