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High Performing Team

High-Performance Strategic Work.


An Exclusive Service for Marketing Leaders and Their In-House Agency Teams
Increasing Communications, Creativity, and Collaborations 

Kern and Partners, brings 40 years of large-scale agency creative and operational leadership to large brands and their in-house agency partners. 


Our mission is to elevate the creative culture of the in-house agency and the results of their work, so internal marketing leaders will want to reach out to their internal agency with their most important and exciting work. 


We also bring an exclusive breath and depth of marketing skilling training to marketers and creativities that range from neuro-marketing, CRM best practices to creative and operational leadership 

Team Meeting

What We Do

We Improve Team Communication, 
Collaboration, and Creativity 

Problems We Help Marketers and In-House Agency Solve

IHA Roadmap Growth
IHA Roadmap Growth Planning and

From IHA Agency growth  roadmapping for start ups IHA to increasing the level of strategic creativity admired by Internal Clients,

Improving  Communications, Collaboration, Innovations Through Strength Centric Teaming and Leadership 

Developing a psychologically safe creative workspace in support high performance team behaviors and various creative perspectives​


Elevating A Creativity Culture  To Attract and Retain Great Talent 

Leveraging the organization's and IHA mission of smart, bold, breakthrough, high-value creative work that attracts, engages, and retains talent. 

Our Team and Marketing Skill Development Training 
For Large Brands and their IHA's

Breakthrough Solutions Icon
Developing Bolder, Fresher, Breakthrough Creative Work Your Internal Clients Will Love.

This unique in-house agency creative cultural and operational methodology program will help in-house teams to earn more respect and more exciting work from their in-house clients. 

The Kern and Partners Big Idea Creativity agency team development process combines:

  • Peak Team Performance with Creativity Training

  • The Case Western Reserve University, Whole Human System Appreciative Inquiry with hands on application of the IDEO design thinking approach to your brands most important work.


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Developing High-Creative, High Value, Collaborative Strategic Ecosystem 

This multi-module team development program is designed to improve collaboration, insights and innovations by bring together the in-house agency, with internal clients and even external partners to learn the best practices for high performing dynamic marketing and creative teams. The program begins by increasing indivudal's self awareness of their communication styles, working strengths and geniuses. Then goes into the principles with hands on practice around the 5 behavior of high performing teams. 

All participants will take from this learning journey the taxonomy of peak team performance, the principles of creative inspiration,  a new appreciation for everyone's contribution to achieving the brand and the business's goals.

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Strength-based Icon
Strength-Based Positive Agency Team Leadership 

This core leadership development program is designed to create more effective agency leaders by increasing their self-awareness and those of others as the leader. This multi-module program delivers industry-proven principles and best practices to inspire, motivate, and lift up cross-functional agency teams and department leaders to achieve their full potential

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High-Performance Agency Team Development Programs

This core multi-module in-house agency team development program will optimize your team dynamics and increase collaboration through individual behavioral and team process changes.

The outcomes from this learning journey include a stronger team culture, embracing self-accountability for results and operational excellence, more faster project throughputs and higher levels of creativity

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Marketing and Agency Skill Development Workshops
  • Neuromarketing: 
    Maximizing communication effectiveness in every channel

  • Better Briefs:
    Kicking off projects more effectively for quicker development, with fewer
    revision rounds

  • Best practices in Brand to Demand communication integration.

  • B2C and B2B Customer Acquisition, Retention, and Value Optimization Marketing Strategies 

  • High Performing Email and Direct Mail Writing and Design Strategies

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