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Transforming New Managers Into High-Impact Team Leaders

Transforming Managers Into High-Impact Team Leaders
A 90-Day, Quick-Start
Manager Development Program

Read the full details of this program and understand how this unique three-module training is geared for leaders and managers who are seeking to immediately:

  • Transform the culture, communication, collaboration, creativity, and productivity of their team(s)

  • Improve rapport and quality of engagement to ultimately improve the quality and effectiveness of each team member’s contribution to the team mission

  • Better harness the brilliance and passion of every team member

  • Create and nurture the conditions that maximize team performance, innovation, and co-creativity​​

Key Takeaways From This Program:
  • Increased self-awareness as a manager. How you  interact with your team and help shape the behaviors of high performance.

  • How to apply the Appreciative Inquiry model and process to build new, deeper, psychologically safe team cultures.

  • How to apply the principles of The Five Behaviors to lead a High Impact Team.

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