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Gain More Market Dominance By Developing 
More Magnificent Managers


The Magnificent Manager Advantage Resource Collection Is Ready for You.

  • Avoid the stress from teams misses sales targets, deadlines or budgets due to leadership oversight 

  • Stop the frustration of seeing your teams not collaborating, wasting time and resources.

  • Learn how and why investing in developing Magnificent Managers, brings leaders advantages like these: 

    • Higher employee engagement up to 60%.

    • Improved customer metrics, up to 10%.

    • Prevention of valuable talent and IP loss

    • Reductions in costly errors, client complaints and delays.

    • Lowered HR talent costs.

    • Less work overwhelm from talent vacancies

    • Improved great talent attractiveness.

    • Plus, up to 20% Increases in sales growth and profit margins.

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"Application is everything, and so having somebody that has a background in application and has lived there their entire life, and isn't it academic or a lecturer or a theorist, is very important. Russell has this marriage of both sides."

  - J. Bieslman CMO, National Debt Relief

“Bringing Russell on board to educate my team was a no-brainer. His expertise, track record, and engaging training style made him the perfect fit. And the workshops organized by Russell and the Kern team have truly elevated our skills, fostered alignment, and empowered us to achieve remarkable success."

  - Z. Arlia CMO, Emplify Software

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