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Russell M. Kern

Founder & CEO

Russell M. Kern brings over forty years of seasoned expertise as a business leader, entrepreneur, author, educator, and speaker to the forefront of organizational development.

He is dedicated to assisting mid- to large-scale companies in amplifying their profitability, growth, and client satisfaction by enhancing team dynamics and inter-team collaboration.

Kern’s zeal lies in educating on the transformative power of effective coaching for cultivating high-performing teams.

An avid reader, Russell has delved into countless volumes on teamwork and leadership, covering a spectrum of topics from communication and collaboration to talent nurturing and the nuances of human interaction within teams.

Personal narratives of victories and challenges mark his journey in fostering leadership and team growth. These experiences have shaped the expansion of his agency from its nascent stage to a prominent, award-winning firm that boasts a workforce of over 400, catering to some of the nation’s top-tier brands.

As the CEO and founder of Kern and Partners, a consultancy specializing in Human Capital Optimization and team Excellence, Russell has anchored the company’s services in academically vetted, globally recognized principles of behavioral changes and coaching techniques.

Kern’s vision extends to empowering leaders to unlock the innate potential within each team member, catalyzing breakthrough innovation and outstanding performance.

Russell resides amidst the serene hills outside Los Angeles with his wife Meryl, their four horses, Penny, their affectionate labradoodle, and Teddy, their energetic goldendoodle.

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Education and Certifications

  • Case Western Reserve University's Appreciative Inquiry Summit for harnessing the genius of within a large-scale human system to overcome significant challenges

  • Wiley’s 5 Behaviors of a Cohesive Team Assessment and Workshops

  • Patrick Lencioni’s Working Genius Assessment and Workshops

  • Leading for Creativity Certificate IDEO

  • Creator of the “Solve your biggest Challenge by Unlocking the Collecting Genius Within Your Teams” Summit Process.

  • Graduate of the three-year Omnicom University Leadership Program, taught by renowned Harvard Business Instructors at Babson College

  • B.A. in Economics from UCLA

  • Student in Neuromarketing and the Neuroscience of teams in collaboration with Christophe Morin, Ph.D. founder of Salesbrain

  • Graduate of the Sandler Sales Training Program

  1. Strategic

  2. Relator

  3. Responsibility

  4. Activator

  5. Achiever

Working Geniuses:
  • Invention

  • Galvanizing

Membership and Publications

  • Member of the Los Angeles Vistage Chapter

  • Member of SHRM, ATD, Organization Development Network

  • Author of S.U.R.E.- Fire Direct Response Marketing published by McGraw-Hill

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