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Dr. Tom Doolittle

Senior Human Resources Executive and Executive Coach

Dr. Tom Doolittle has a Ph.D. in clinical psychology and is a senior human resource professional with more than 30 years of experience creating, developing and evaluating strategic human resources initiatives. 

Tom worked for 20 years at Caterpillar in a variety of senior HR roles including Lead HR Manager for the Global Purchasing Division, Corporate Communications Manager, and HR Director for the Financial Products Division.

He also brings a critical global perspective based on his international assignment as Global HR manager leading the transition of the Excavation Division to Singapore and directing the HR integration for Caterpillar’s Japan Division.

Prior to Caterpillar, Tom worked as Clinical Director of a national Employee Assistance Program and outpatient addiction treatment facility in addition to maintaining a private practice focusing on family and couples therapy. Tom left Caterpillar in 2015 and now provides coaching to senior executives to leverage their leadership skills and drive business success. He helps leaders refine their leadership strengths and integrate their strategic HR and business strategies. He is passionate in his belief that People. Change. Progress.

Tom Doolittle Kern and Partners

Experience and Publications

  • 2015 - Present THOMAS M. DOOLITTLE, Ph.D. Consulting

    • Providing comprehensive strategic HR solutions and Executive Coaching

  • CAT - Global Human Resources Manager | 2013-2015

    • Supported 2,000 global employees across 40 locations within the Financial Products Division. Managed all areas of compensation, benefits, global learning, global staffing, succession, employee relations, facility services, safety, and business continuity. Managed a $17MM budget and led a team of 50.

  • CAT- Lead Human Resources Manager | 2008-2012; 2002-2005

    • ​Supported 3,000+ employees in 14 countries across 50 locations within the Electronics and Machine Systems, Global Purchasing, and Excavation Divisions. Provided global strategic HR leadership to distinct business units, leveraging local HR support and a global team of 12 HR specialists.


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  • BA Psychology (Hamilton College)

  • MA Theology (Fuller Theological Seminary

  • Ph.D. Clinical Psychology (Fuller Graduate School of Psychology-APA Approved)

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