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Russell M. Kern's
Trailblazing Leaders Podcast

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Guest Podcasts

What if we viewed every employee as having untapped potential waiting to be uncovered?  Russell Kern joins Susan in this episode to discuss how shifting to strength-based coaching can profoundly transform organizations and lives.


Through focusing regular conversations on nurturing strengths, managers become empowering partners in their employees' career journeys. Employees feel recognized for their unique abilities and supported to grow as individuals. Imagine the ripple effects across teams and companies when people are passionate about using their natural strengths daily.


The data is clear - strength-based coaching boosts engagement, productivity, profits, and retention. They would like to hammer home that it is time to stop focusing on profits and focus on people. We hire PEOPLE to work with us for 30% of our lives.


The strengths revolution starts with believing in human capabilities and caring deeply about enabling every individual to thrive. Get tips on how small changes by managers can unlock tremendous organizational success. The future is bright when we inspire greatness in one another.


This is the first of several conversations to come between Susan and Russell.

Insights on Business Development

An interview with Russell Kern about creating educational thought leadership that speaks to the audience’s pain.

In this episode, we sit down with Russell Kern, a seasoned business leader, entrepreneur, author, and speaker renowned for his expertise in organizational development and the transformative potential of effective coaching. As the founder of Kern and Partners, Russell has dedicated himself to optimizing human capital and empowering high-performance teams. Russell shares his insights on leveraging thought leadership to drive business growth through education, embracing the philosophy of “Give to get.” Rather than focusing solely on brand recognition, Russell emphasizes the importance of addressing the immediate problems and challenges faced by his audience. He likens his thought leadership to “pain magnets,” aiming to provide relief and solutions to pressing issues. Russell emphasizes the need for practical, actionable content that facilitates skill mastery and drives behavior change.

Distinguishing thought leadership and content marketing, Russell highlights the importance of credibility and relevance in thought leadership. He underscores the need for visually engaging, quick-hitting content that captivates and excites the audience, whether it’s through traditional mediums or emerging platforms like TikTok.

Join us as we explore the strategies behind effective thought leadership and learn how to craft compelling content that resonates with your audience in today’s fast-paced digital landscape.

Three Key Takeaways:

  • You can draw in your target audience by creating thought leadership that not only speaks to their problems at the moment but also provides the promise of a solution.

  • Smaller firms can benefit immensely from investing in thought leadership, allowing them to punch above their weight class.

  • Effective thought leadership needs to grab the audience’s attention. Make sure it is visually compelling and quick-hitting.

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