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Sean Riches

Managing Director,
Erskine Nash Associated Ltd (UK)

In 2007, Sean founded Erskine Nash Associates Ltd. Based in London England, the ENA team have worked with clients from Denver in the USA to Singapore to Johannesburg in South Africa to help them improve the effectiveness of their teams.


Sean is highly skilled and experienced at designing and facilitating highly engaging programmes to develop organisational effectiveness.  His style focuses on learning though practical, engaging activity with rapid application to the workplace.  His favourite assignments involve helping newly-appointed and existing C-suite clients to turn around teams that are at best languishing or sometimes even failing - and turn them into effective and even award-winning operators.


After studying applied psychology at university, Sean worked in financial services in London, spent some time in the British Army and then moved to international airport operations.  Based at London Heathrow and London Gatwick airports, he worked in engineering, operations and human resources.  He also worked on substantial organisational change projects introducing new technology into the security operation.


Sean’s clients span technology consulting (Accenture), mobile communications (Vodafone), media (Hello Magazine, Paramount Pictures, NBC Universal and Lionsgate) plus a variety of organisations, trade and membership bodies representing an even wider variety of sectors.


Sean has also worked as an associate of other consultancies who employ him to work under their brand. Through these associateships he has worked with clients including the BBC, Sky, British Land, Oracle Corporation, Microsoft, Logicalis, and Walgreens Boots Alliance.

Sean Riches

Education and Certifications

  • Managing Director, Erskine Nash Associates Ltd.

  • Head of Operations, Commercial and Technology Training for 7 UK airports.

  • Led the Learning & Development Team for London Gatwick Airport.

  • Led the Engineering Training Team for London Heathrow Airport.

  • Leads a youth development project at an inner-city school in conjunction with the Royal Marines.

  • BA (Hons) in Applied Psychology.

  • Diploma in Human Resource Management

  • Certified practitioner of a wide variety of psychometric assessment tools, including: CMe, FIRO-B, and PAPI.

  • Wiley’s 5 Behaviours.

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