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What Makes Our Manager Development and Team Dynamics Programs Highly Effective.

The Four Approaches We Use to Create Lasting Behavior Change in Managers and Teams 


As a leader, educator, speaker and coach my passion is to help others, improve the lives of those they lead.

Trust is what enables each of us to bring our whole self to work. We help you foster a culture of emotional safety, company pride, and work joy, all of which support the accomplishment of important goals.

Kern and Partners focuses on behavioral and cultural changes within organizations. Our philosophy is to unlock the genius sitting within your teams and then harness team member brilliance for dramatic new levels of innovations and results, with high levels of  passion.

​We believe the essence of creating high performing teams is helping team members and their leaders practice communicating frequently, with honesty, sincerity and an open heart.

​When team members communicate with authenticity, sensitivity and vulnerability, the huge rewards from team unity are realized.


However, changing adult behavior in the workplace is not a quick or easy task.


Organizational research shows that a single exposure to a given concept does NOT change behavior in the long term. Learners only retain about 10% of what they saw or heard in a traditional learning workshop 7 days after the event.

That's why our development programs use learning methods and new behavior habits changes that include a combination of upfront assessments, program modules, consistent 1:1 coaching, all molded into customized learning journeys for our clients leaders. ​

1. We Build Appreciative Inquiry Into Every Learning Journey

The Appreciative Inquiry (AI) Model has been proven over the past 30 years to facilitate, design, and support dramatic positive organizational improvement change initiatives.


As certified experts in the Appreciative Inquiry Method, we are able to create real-time, directly business-relevant transformational Summits.

Appreciative Inquiry Summits are proven to increase trust, communication, engagement, respect, and passion within teams, resulting in  future team accomplishments. Together.

Appreciative Inquiry versus Traditional Problem Solving

2. We Start with the Clarity and Alignment Between Mission, Culture, and Role Before Behaviors

The answer is simple: Aligned companies outperform their peers. 

  • Companies with high levels of alignment experienced a 6.9% increase in their stock price over a two-year period. (Harvard Business Review)

  • Highly aligned cultures had 72% higher employee retention rates compared to companies with low levels of alignment. (Deloitte)

  • Organizations with clear and aligned goals saw a 29% increase in productivity and a 34% increase in employee engagement. (Gallup)

CAB Peak Team Model

2. We Use The 10/20/70 Approach to Adult Learning 

Because adult learning and the formation of new habits for behavior change take time.


The 10/20/70 model includes a combination of formal training, social learning and on-the-job experience. Educational researchers have confirmed that adult learning is most effective when new concepts can be integrated into everyday work activities and are supported by consistent practice and coaching.

10/20/70 Approach to Learning

4. We Use Module-Coaching-Practice-Module Learning Methods for Skill Mastery

It takes time for adult learners to both absorb and apply concepts from one module to the next. That’s why all our learning journeys have 1:1 coaching time between modules. Each module within a journey builds on the prior module's concepts to expand the learners' knowledge and skill set.

Module Coaching Module
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