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Pyschometric Asessment

Psychometric Assessments

Our suite of psychometric assessments are used to unlock their full potential as teams, drive more effective collaboration, and achieve outstanding results, with more joy and passion

Program Description

To understand the current state of team performance, enhance team effectiveness and drive positive behavior change we provide a comprehensive offering of psychometric assessment services.

At the start of a given learning journey, we use assessments to increase teams, individual team members, and team leaders' self-awareness of their personality style, their working strengths and genius.

Each assessment we utilize is industry proven to provide meaningful and actionable insights into an individual's personality traits, cognitive abilities, and behavioral preferences. Assessment findings are also used within each learning module to help teams understand their strengths and learn how to harness the power of every team member

The quantitative feedback from each assessment is a foundational step towards enabling teams to maximize their potential, foster better communication, and build strong working relationships.


Our highly trained consultants interpret each assessment and provide personalized feedback to each team member as well facilitate debriefing sessions with the entire team. It is the mission of each consultant, to not just share assessment results, but to help the team gain wisdom, change day-to-day working norms as well as create specific next-step action plans for higher team performance. 


 The five assessments areas we offer are:

1. Personality Assessments:  

These assessments delve into individuals' personality traits, such as extraversion, agreeableness, conscientiousness, openness, and emotional stability. Understanding these traits helps teams leverage their diversity and build effective communication strategies.

2. Cognitive Ability Assessments:

These assessments evaluate individuals' intellectual capabilities, including logical reasoning, problem-solving, and critical thinking skills. By identifying team members' cognitive strengths, organizations can assign tasks that align with their abilities and optimize team performance.

3. Leadership Style Assessments:

These assessments focus on leadership qualities and behaviors. They provide valuable insights into individuals' leadership styles, strengths, and areas for development, facilitating effective leadership within teams.

4. Emotional Intelligence Assessments:

These assessments measure individuals' emotional intelligence, including self-awareness, self-regulation, empathy, and relationship management. Understanding emotional intelligence helps teams develop stronger interpersonal skills and create a supportive work environment.

5. Team Dynamics Assessments:

These assessments analyze the dynamics within a team, including communication patterns, collaboration, and decision-making processes. By identifying areas of improvement, organizations can implement targeted interventions to enhance team cohesion and performance.

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