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Harnessing Shared Strengths for Breakthrough Collaborations, Campaigns, and Innovations with Appreciative Inquiry
Courageous Creativty Together Senior Marketing Leader's Guide

An Appreciative Inquiry is an organizational development process that brings positive, whole-system thinking to significant, difficult, complex, and important challenges facing an organization.


Given the rise of generative AI, the growth of In-house agencies, constant new technologies, and rapidly changing consumer demands, Appreciative Inquiry gives senior marketing and agency leaders a new methodology to tap into the wisdom across their entire internal and external partner ecosystem.   

What You Will Learn In This Guide
  • What is Appreciative Inquiry? 

  • When Should Leaders Consider an Appreciative Inquiry?

  • Two Reasons Why Appreciative Inquiry Is of High Importance to Marketing and Advertising Leaders Today

  • When Is an Appreciative Inquiry Ideal For Senior Marketers and Agency Leaders?  

  • What Other Appreciative Inquiry Topics Can Help Marketing and Agency Leaders Tackle Big Challenges? 

  • How Does Appreciative Inquiry Unlock the Unlimited Creative Potential Sitting Within All Organizations? 

  • What Is the Difference Between Deficit-Based Problem Solving and a Shared Strengths Appreciative Inquiry? 

  • What Benefits and Value Have Others Gained from Appreciative Inquiry Summits? 

  • What Are Some of The Most Well-Known Business Cases of Appreciative Inquiry? 

  • What Leaders Say About Value of an Appreciative Inquiry and Appreciative Leadership 

Download  The Senior Marketer's and Agency Leader's Guide to Appreciative Inquiry

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