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About Our
No-Risk Trial
and Pay-for-Performance Guarantees

We want to ensure your full confidence and satisfaction right from the start of our engagement. That's why we offer not one, but two types of satisfaction guarantees.

1. Our No Risk Trial Guarantee

To reduce your risk of investing in our assessment services, team development and training, and coaching services, we make this guarantee to you:

If, after a half day of our time together during our first engagement with your team, you feel that there is a misfit or that there is a mistake, there will be no fee due. Period. We want to ensure there is a cultural fit between us and that our facilitators' delivery of content is as excellent as we promise.


2. Our Pay-for-Performance Guarantee 

This guarantee ensures we are aligned and working together to achieve the behavioral, cultural, or team performance changes mutually agreed to at the time of the engagement. We have passion and confidence in the success of our development and learning programs, we put "skin in the game" with you. This guarantee are program design and recommendations are aligned with achieving the behavior changes desired, in pursuit of obtaining your strategic goals.

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