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Why We Offer No-Risk Trials and Pay-for- Performance Guarantees

We want to ensure your full confidence and satisfaction right from the start of our engagement. That's why we offer not one, but two types of satisfaction guarantees.

Our No Risk Trial Guarantee

is designed to ensure that we are a cultural fit and that our facilitators' delivery of content is as excellent as we promise.


Our Pay-for-Performance Guarantee 

demonstrates that we have passion and confidence in the success of our learning journey program design and delivery.  So, we put "skin in the game". This guarantee is designed to ensure that our program recommendations are aligned with achieving the team behavior changes desired, providing the leadership development maturity that is best for your business in pursuit of obtaining your strategic goals.

Business Team
More about our No-Risk Trial

To reduce your risk of investing in our assessment services, team development programming, training, and long-term coaching, we make this guarantee to you:


If, after a half day of our time together during our first engagement with your team, you feel that there is a misfit or that there is a mistake, there will be no fee due. Period.

  • We are confident in the quality and direct application of our services to your needs.

More about our Pay-for-Performance Guarantee
  • We are 100% confident that we will make a meaningful impact on your people and the teams we work with by aligning culture and talent with your strategy.

  • Our change of performance guarantee ensures that our mission and programs are aligned with your goals, and that we are acting only as trusted advisors, with your best interests at heart.

Our success can only happen with your full support

Our pay-for-performance guarantee is dependent upon the consistent participation of your people as well as the passionate support of senior leadership. This guarantee ensures we are aligned and working together to achieve the behavioral, cultural, or team performance changes mutually agreed to at the time of the engagement.


Examples of pay-for-performance metrics included in our pay-for-performance guarantee:


  • Team: Changes within the 5 Behavior Framework, Application of the Work Genius Concepts, and Strength Pairings as part of the team norms and work assignments 

  • Leadership: Individual Personal Leadership Assessment Score Changes, Performance of team 

  • Employees: Passion, engagement, performance, self-accountability, leadership of others, individual contributions to the team

  • Projects: Cost changes, time, quality

We look forward to speaking with you.

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