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Improve Employee Engagement

Elevate Employee Engagement
Strength-Centric Coaching to Elevate Employee Engagement Program

"No organization can afford low levels of employee engagement. Unfortunately, low engagement has become the new workplace epidemic"


Hubert Joly

Former Chairman and CEO of Best Buy

Author of The Heart of Business

This manager and senior leader development program is for those who are deeply committed to dramatically changing their employee engagement levels rapidly. Leaders who understand the huge value and cost avoidance of elevating employee engagement will gain valuable new skills and tools.

Key Takeaways From This Program:
  • The Five Drivers of Employee Engagement 

  • The huge cost of low employee engagement

  • The research supporting the positive direct correlation between high levels of employee engagement and profit growth

  • How to become a much more effective Strength-Centric Coach AND Manager

  • The single most essential habit every manager must do weekly to elevate employee engagement

  • What defines a meaningful meeting of high value to every team member

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