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Appreciative Leadership

Mastering Appreciative Leadership
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Appreciative Leadership
A senior leadership program to help create more purpose-driven, human-centric cultures of collaboration, innovation, and ethical responsibility for organizational sustainability. 

The foundation of this program's curriculum acknowledges that leadership is more than a job description; it is also a way of thinking, a set of abilities, and a force for good.


Leaders will leave this program with a new mindset and tools to inspire transformation, create an authentic culture honoring the potential within every employee and transform the workplace using positive action through reflection, inquiry and dialogue. 

Key Takeaways From This Program:
  • How to use the CAB Model of Clarity, Alignment, and Behavior to better communicate purpose, mission, and strategy

  • The Five Principles of The Leadership Challenge

  • What Appreciative Leadership is and how it helps develop teams who are more proactive, adaptive, and responsive to the big 10 organizational shifts ahead as identified by McKinsey1 

  • What Appreciative Inquiry is and how to use it to harness the wisdom within the whole organization to tackle its biggest challenges
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