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Leadership Development
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Developing Higher-Impact Leadership Teams

This senior leadership development program uses a combination of globally proven behavioral change concepts combined with hands on applications to transform a good leadership team into a great one.

Program Description

This is a comprehensive management program designed to create significantly more effective leadership across levels and departments within an organization.


The program’s primary learning goal is to ensure a strong foundation of successful high performance team leadership methods and principles based on evidence-based research.


The program covers how to lead both individuals and teams, and provides dozens of methods, tools and strategies to improve their leadership skils.


Leadership is all about empowering people to make a positive difference. Great leaders have a clear vision, as well as strong values and a sense of purpose and direction. They inspire individuals and teams to join them, and they lead by example to get the job done. They are determined to achieve the tasks and goals ahead of them, and they always acknowledge individual and team successes.


Great leaders make the biggest impact because they know what to do to successfully develop the business, and they know how to do it in the most effective ways possible. 

  • Research has proven leadership is something that does not happen overnight – it is a skill that is developed over time. Great leaders gain the ability to read people and know people’s strengths.  They understand how to deal with different personality types. They have gained the skills in various ways to support their team members get the job done.

  • That's why in this Leadership training program we unclude the Leadership Challlege Module describe below and have leaders participate in the four core team development modules as well.  

Who Is This Program For?

This program is for middle and VP-level team leaders.

Learning Journey Modules

Leadership Challenge - Wiley

69% of organizations indicated a skills gap—noting that soft skills and leadership were among the most important skills needed to tackle today’s challenges and rapid pace of change according to a recent Wiley survey. 

This module will enable learners to unlock new skills and methods regardless of their leadership level in the organization.

Leaders will leave this module: 

  • Gaining a comprehensive understanding of the five leadership practices: Model the Way, Inspire a Shared Vision, Challenge the Process, Enable Others to Act, and Encourage the Heart.

  • Discussing the assessment of their current leadership strengths and areas for improvement through the Leadership Practices Inventory (LPI) assessment.

  • Developing a personal leadership development plan based on the insights gained from the assessment.

  • Learning practical strategies and techniques to model exemplary leadership behaviors and set a positive example for others.

  • Exploring the importance of creating and communicating a compelling vision that inspires and motivates team members.

  • Enhancing their ability to identify and seize opportunities for innovation and improvement through challenging the status quo.

  • Developing skills to empower and enable others to take ownership, collaborate, and contribute to achieving shared goals.

  • Discovering ways to recognize and appreciate team members' contributions, fostering a positive and supportive work environment.

  • Building effective communication and influencing skills to engage and align team members towards common objectives.

  • Strengthening their ability to navigate and lead through change and uncertainty.

  • Creating a roadmap for continuous leadership growth and improvement based on the principles of The Leadership Challenge.

Plus ... leaders will participate in team performance modules as part of their entire development journey.


Before content delivery begins for a given development module we will customize the stories and references based on your industry, situation, and goals.

We are experts at training:

  • Large Internal Cross Functional Marketing Teams

  • Large Creative Agency Teams across discipline 

  • Fast Growth Technology Teams

1:1 Coaching Between Modules

Hands-on practice with 1:1 coaching between modules, to ensure long-term team behavior change is built into every Kern and Partner's Learning Journey from the start.

We don’t just deliver the concepts and principles for a given development module and go, but instead, working with leadership, ensure time is set aside for learners to practice the concepts or skills, during both the training and most critically, in the workplace.


To monitor progress and optimize the successful application of peak team behaviors, as part of this learning journey Kern and Partners provides 1:1 coaching and team coaching between each development module.


Our coaching meetings are the essential link to ensure the effective transmission of peak team behaviors and consistent application in the workplace.

Leadership Challenge

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