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Team Development Kern and Partners

Getting Your Teams to
Work Like A Team 

A continuous high-impact team development program designed to align Culture, Talent, and Team Behaviors with the company’s Vision, Mission, Purpose, and Business Strategy.

Program Description

Rapidly evolving and uncertain business environments require team cultures that are more agile, adaptable, and resilient to support organizations in achieving their mission.


Today's organizational team(s) can face a range of challenges, from fragmentation within their teams and limited resources to low collaboration, internal conflicts, and lack of clarity as to their roles and goals of the team within the overall business strategy.


Organizational research has proven that TRUST is the most essential factor for top team performance -- specifically, vulnerability-based trust. Trust that a team member can ask for help, not be afraid to follow up with clarifying questions or say they made a mistake, without fear of judgment or reprisal.


The other successful working norm that enables peak team performance is constructive conflict in search for the best solution for a given goal.  Then, teams work collaboratively, with self-accountability to each other, toward delivering the results to which the team all agreed.

Who Is This Program For?

This program is for newly formed or intact teams.

Learning Journey Modules

Each module sets foundational knowledge for the next module to build upon. Our Team Development Modules are delivered consistently, at a pace and in a manner that is just right for your organization’s team.  (A 2-day intensive workshop, or a 2 hours per week 6 week virtual training collaboration, etc.)

Learning Journey Modules

You can be assured of the quality and effectiveness of our Team Development Modules.  Each module is from one of the most widely researched and globally proven team development programs based on the experiences of hundreds of thousands of learners.

Everything DISC | Wiley

Improves workplace culture by using personalized insights to create lasting change.

Learners will take away from this module:

  • Rich insights into their own behavior and the behavior of others

  • A deep understanding and appreciation for the communication styles of the people team members work with

  • How to better communicate and persuade more effectively

  • How to create strategies for overcoming challenges when working with team members of different DiSC styles

5 Behaviors of a Cohesive Team
5 Behaviors of a Cohesive Team | Wiley

Starts by discussing the importance of trust as the foundation of an effective team and learning strategies to build and maintain trust.


Learners will take away from this module:

  • How to more effectively manage and resolve conflicts within the team and turn them into opportunities for growth and collaboration.

  • How to foster team commitment and alignment toward shared goals and objectives.

  • The importance of individual and collective accountability and how to promote accountability within the team.

  • The significance of focusing on collective results and implementing strategies to measure and achieve team success.

  • Gaining practical tools and techniques to apply the five behaviors in the real-world.

  • A shared understanding of the team's purpose and establishing a positive and productive team culture.

Clifton Strengths
Clifton Strength Assessment and Team Mapping | Gallop

This module reveals both individual and team strengths.


Learners will take away from this module:

  • Discover their unique strengths, natural talents and abilities.

  • Know their top five strengths and learn how to leverage them effectively in various areas of life.

  • How their strengths contribute to their overall success, happiness, and fulfillment.

  • How to partner up with others who have complementary strengths to maximize the combined strengths to achieve team goals.

  • Understand how their strengths influence their interactions with others and the team dynamics.

Working Genius
Working Genius | Patrick Lencioni's Table Group


Learners will take away from this module:

  • Understand the concept of Working Genius and how it applies to individual and team effectiveness.

  • Discover their individual Working Genius types and gain insights into their unique strengths and contributions to a team.

  • Understand how to leverage their Working Genius for optimal personal and team performance and satisfaction.

  • Recognize their areas of working frustration and learn strategies to mitigate their impact.

  • Discuss the collective Working Geniuses of the team and then understand how to capitalize on the strengths of each team member.

  • Improve team collaboration by leveraging the Working Geniuses of each team member.

  • Improve workflow by aligning tasks with the appropriate Working Geniuses.


Before content delivery begins for a given development module, we will customize the stories and references based on your industry, situation, and goals.

We are experts at training:

  • Large Internal Cross Functional Marketing Teams

  • Large Creative Agency Teams across discipline 

  • Fast Growth Technology Teams

1:1 Coaching Between Modules

Hands-on practice with 1:1 coaching between modules ensuring long-term team behavior change is built into every Kern and Partners' Learning Journey from the start.

We don’t just deliver the concepts and principles for a given development module and go.  Instead, we work  with leadership, ensuring that time is set aside for learners to practice concepts or skills, both during the training and most critically, in the workplace.


To monitor progress during this learning journey and optimize the successful application of peak team behaviors, Kern and Partners provides 1:1 coaching and team coaching between each development module.


Our coaching meetings are the essential link to ensure effective transmission of peak team behaviors and consistent application in the workplace.


Want to know more? Let's talk.

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