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Improve Team Dynamics

We Get Teams Working Like a Team. Guaranteed.

You don't do anything by yourself; your team is your superpower.

Steph Curry
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Kern and Partners Teams

How Well Is Your Team Working Like a Team?

See how your team compares to peak performers.
K&P_Assess-Your-Team-Dynamics.Why your team isn't working like a team

Our Flagship Team and Leadership Development Programs

Improve Team Dynamics through Collaboration

When teams are not working like teams, this multi-module 90-day quick-start program will help rapidly improve team communications, collaboration, and creativity.  The goal of this course is to support leaders in creating a team culture that follows the Five Behaviors of Cohesive Teams and The Working Genius. Every team member boosts work passion, productivity, and team performance.

Team Leadership Skills for New Managers

This program will transform new staff members who moved into the roles of supervisor or managers high impact coaches. Managers will learn the  single most important habit proven to increase team member engagement and performance. This program combines Gallup Q12 survey feedback with Clifton Strength Coaching to help managers understand the 14 core needs of every employee. Plus, attendees will see an innovative platform designed to support the delivery of high value meaningful meetings, weekly. 

Strength-Centric Leadership

This Appreciative Leadership Development Program for Senior Executives is a life-changing program. It is aimed at equipping leaders with new levels of self-awareness, skills, knowledge and communication methods to succeed in an era of augmented intelligence, shifting workplace dynamics, and increased demands for responsible, ethical and inclusive leadership. This program serves as a development opportunity for senior executives looking to not only adapt their skills but to uncover new ways to thrive as influential, high impact leaders in a time of fast change surrounded by much uncertainty.

Creative Leadership


The Senior Marketer's and Agency Leader's Guide to More Breakthrough Collaborations, Campaigns, and Innovations
Using the Appreciative Inquiry process. 
  • What is Appreciative Inquiry?

  • Why Important to Marketers and Agency Leaders?

  • Learn Best Applications 

  • Read Results from 1000's of Senior Executives, Worldwide

Our Human Capital Development Programs Increase Revenues and Profits


Organizations waste an average of $97 million from ineffective team dynamics for every $1 billion invested due to poor project performance.


Source: "The High Cost of Low Performance from The Project Management Institute (PMI),

We Reduce Cost by 
Improving Team Dynamics.


Disengaged employees only return in value 60% to 80% of their salaries in comparison to fully engaged employees returning over 120% of their annual salary. Highly engaged business units see a 41 percent reduction in absenteeism and achieve 59% less employee turnover.

Source: Human Capital Institute, Gallup

We Increase Profits Increasing Employee Engagement.


Clarity of purpose, goals, and roles are the essentials for highly collaborative behaviors.
When employees don’t understand the company’s purpose, what the organization is trying to accomplish, and how their jobs support those goals, they can't fully contribute. Yet only 28% of respondents to a PWC survey report feeling fully connected to their company’s purpose. HRB reports collaboration improves when the roles of team members are clear. 

Without role clarity, team members waste time and energy, instead of doing the work


Source: PwC’s strategy consulting, HRB 

We Increase Revenue Growth by Better Alignment Between Goals and Roles. Guaranteed

Let's Talk Peak Performance Teaming. Together.

My name is Russell M. Kern.
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I am the CEO and Founder of Kern and Partners. We are Human Capital Optimization Development Consultancy. Our unique approach to team development is built on university reserached, globally proven organizational development principles that harness the strengths and genius within every team member. Our mission is to help improve profits, revenue growth, customer value, by improving team dynamics, team employee engagement and improved clarity between the CEO's strategy and the teams roles and goals. As the founder for the past 40 years, of growing my creative agency. I love the sharing the best practices of team development, winning team leadership and elite coaching principles observed from the great UCLA basketball coach John Wooden and his pyramid of success. Over the past 40 years, I have had the privilege of building, growing, teaching, coaching and working with hundreds of high-performing marketing and ad agency teams within the largest corporations in the world. I started Kern and Partners with the vision to help leaders inspire the best from all they support. Globally. We bring our clients the most recent, relevant, evidence-based, high-performance team and leadership development programs and services. My passion as a leader, teach and coach is to help others, improve the lives of of others. Changing adult behavior in the workplace is not a quick or easy task. Organizational research shows that a single exposure to a given concept does NOT change behavior in the long term. That's why when we deliver content, we use consistent, repeated, engaging learning methods with practice and coaching to optimize comprehension and application of peak team and leadership principles that resonate across today's four-generational workforce along with practice of principles and lots of support for the various applications.  ​This trifecta of learning methods and habits changes. Our assessments, program modules, and 1:1 coaching, customized learning journeys, and innovation summits will help your teams build new levels of trust between themselves. Trust is what enables each of us to bring our whole self to work. We help you foster a culture of emotional safety, company pride, and work joy, all of which support the accomplishment of important goals.   Kern and Partners focuses on behavioral and cultural changes within organizations. Our philosophy is to unlock the genius sitting within your teams and then harness team member brilliance for dramatic new levels of innovations and results, with high levels of  passion. ​We believe the essence of creating high performing teams is helping team members and their leaders practice communicating frequently, with honesty, sincerity and an open heart. ​When team members communicate with authenticity, sensitivity and vulnerability, the huge rewards from team unity are realized. ​Please join with us  in lifting up all those around us by helping to create modern work cultures for the new digital age. ​I look forward to meeting you and learning more about you and your organization.  ​Sincerely, Russell M. Kern CEO/Founder

 Russell M. Kern/Kern and Partners

Let's Talk Teaming.

Contact us to schedule a discovery conversion.

What Makes Our Approach Unique

We are experts at integrating and customizing our four-prong approach to adult learning with the industry's most proven leadership, management and team development programs into one consistent learning journey

Appreciative Inquiry

We use appreciative inquiry in every learning journey to form authentic team connections and increase vulnerability-based trust. High Impact teams operate with constant psychological safety that allows team members to ask questions, share ideas, and debate solutions without hesitation.

Clarity Confirmation

We start with the clarity and alignment of the mission, culture, and roles between the organization and the team before behavior change. Without seeking clarity first, confusion and conflict follow.

10/20/70 Adult Learning Method

We use the 10/20/70 approach to workplace adult learning and behavior change. Hands-on, job-specific practices and training, used by championship sports teams, are essential to creating high-impact teams and leaders.

Module-Coaching-Module Journeys

We use the module-coaching-module development method because new concepts and behaviors take time to be processed and implemented.

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